L’Art de Lire – Level One

InstructorNorma Esler
TypeOnline Course
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Lire 1 WorkbookL’Art de lire combines beginning conversational French with an introduction to French phonics, enabling children to read simple stories in French from the first lesson. Includes verb conjugations, grammar, and conversational French.

The six levels of L’Art de lire correspond roughly to the curriculum guidelines for Grades 4-8 Core French in Ontario, Canada, for schools that start formal French studies in Grade Four.

At each level, students learn to read with phonics-based stories, a French-English glossary, easy to understand explanations of new grammar concepts, and exercises. The video lessons help the student through the workbook, giving opportunity to hear and repeat all the vocabulary and sentences.

Also included are unit tests, printable flashcards, and daily lesson plans with answer keys that are sent by email to the teacher.

Section 1Level 1-1
Lecture 1L'Art de lire 1-1
Lecture 2L'Art de lire 1-2
Lecture 3L'Art de lire 1-3
Lecture 4L'Art de lire 1-4
Lecture 5L'Art de lire 1-5
Lecture 6L'Art de lire 1-6
Lecture 7L'Art de lire 1-7
Lecture 8L'Art de lire 1-8
Lecture 9L'Art de lire 1-9
Lecture 10L'Art de lire 1-10
Lecture 11L'Art de lire 1-11
Lecture 12L'Art de lire 1-12
Lecture 13L'Art de lire 1-13
Lecture 14L'Art de lire 1-14
Lecture 15L'Art de lire 1-15
Lecture 16L'Art de lire 1-16
Section 2Level 1-2
Lecture 17L'Art de lire 1-17
Lecture 18L'Art de lire 1-18
Lecture 19L'Art de lire 1-19
Lecture 20L'Art de lire 1-20
Lecture 21L'Art de lire 1-21
Lecture 22L'Art de lire 1-22
Lecture 23L'Art de lire 1-23
Lecture 24L'Art de lire 1-24
Lecture 25L'Art de lire 1-25
Lecture 26L'Art de lire 1-26
Lecture 27L'Art de lire 1-27
Lecture 28L'Art de lire 1-28
Lecture 29L'Art de lire 1-29
Lecture 30L'Art de lire 1-30
Lecture 31L'Art de lire 1-31
Lecture 32L'Art de lire 1-32
Lecture 33L'Art de lire 1-33